Did you know Midwives are skilled practioners who provide prenatal care, support during labour and birth and 6 weeks after the birth for mom and baby. Midwives listen, observe, educate, guide and care.

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Client Testimonials

What did you like about your care?

“What I enjoyed most was how I never felt like I was rushed, I always had enough time to ask all my questions. I am always nervous at the doctor’s office, but with the midwives I felt completely at ease and calm.”

“I really liked how the midwife came to my home to see the baby after he was born, and when I had a concern about the baby, I could call my midwife”

“I enjoyed getting to know all the midwives, I was pleased about the care that was given during my appointments and during my labour, also I found that I was always given very good information during my pregnancy” and after.

“Very personal, felt like if I had a problem I could call no matter what. During Labour and birth they make me feel relaxed and explained what was going o. Postpartum care was the same, felt they were very personable”

Midwives of Sudbury is a teaching Practice. If a student was part of your care, how did you feel about the way she was integrated into your care?

“I was very comfortable with her. She was very helpful and I trusted her”

“ I absolutely loved having her be a part of my prenatal visits. I felt very comfortable because if she was unsure of anything she would have my midwife double check.”

“The students did an amazing job, if I was not told that they were students I would not have known any different”

“She was amazing, extremely knowledgeable and caring and will make a fantastic primary midwife”